Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I get course materials?
  • Books, tapes, DVD's

    As a courtesy, purchase links to publishers and Amazon are provided in the course Book Information section.   Another useful source for getting used text materials is

  • Journal articles

    For convenience, articles may be accessed online through PsychEdCourses™.  Journal articles available at PsychEdCourses™ are for educational purposes by paid subscribers only, and may not be used for any other purpose.   All materials at PsychEdCourses™ are copyright protected.

Alternatively, required course materials, such as journal articles and texts, may be obtained through a local library.   Libraries are frequently able to acquire materials they do not own through interlibrary loan.

Please note:
It is best to use text editions given in the course Book Information section when preparing for exams.   Matching ISBN and date of publication are your assurance of getting identical materials used in devloping your course.  In addition, publishers frequently issue the same edition of a book with different covers.

What do I need to know about exams?
  • All exams are open book, and accessible to use with study materials prior to submission for course grades.
  • Exams should be taken at, or as close as possible to, time of purchase.  Please read our refund policies.
  • In order to earn credits for a course, 75% or more correct responses on an exam are required.
  • For scores less than 75% correct, exams may be attempted a total of three times at no additional charge.  Incorrect responses to exam questions are reported with the exam grade.

How long does it take to get exam results?
PsychEdCourses™ exams are scored and results reported when they are submitted, generally within a few moments, depending on your processor and Internet speeds.  A certificate of successful completion is available to print or save when you receive your report.

What is the cost for each course?
PsychEdCourses™ were developed for use with books, DVD's, videotapes, and journal articles written and/or demonstrated by experts in mental health.  Number of credits and costs of courses vary according to the length of course materials.  Course costs are listed in USD with the course description, and include study guide, exam, and certificate of successful completion.  Course text and DVD materials are to be acquired independently.  See more information on obtaining course materials.

Please note:  Once payment is submitted for a course, the exam must be taken within 45 days.  This does not apply to the "Unlimited Courses for 1 Year" option.  For this option, you have one year from the date of payment to take as many courses as you need.

What types of payment does PsychEdCourses™ accept?
Payments at PsychEdCourses™ can be made with any major credit card, including Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover, or with a bank debit card.   We use PayPal to accept credit card payments.   Membership with PayPal is not necessary to use your credit card for payment.   Courses may also be paid by mail with personal or company check.   When paying by check, an email will be sent to you when the registered exam is accessible.   You will be asked to make your payment choice when purchasing your course exam.   Credit card payments give you immediate access to registered exams.
Please note:  Your credit/debit card statement will reflect a payment to Cabaniss Enterprises, LLC for your purchases.

Will earning credits at PsychEdCourses™ qualify me to practice a particular psychotherapeutic technique?
Professional ethics dictate mental health practitioners use only those intervention methods in which they have achieved competency through supervised training.  PsychEdCourses™ does not endorse using online/home study as a substitute for supervised individual training.  Please consult your national and/or state regulatory board for additional information.

Will my licensure board accept credits earned at PsychEdCourses™?
PsychEdCourses™ has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 6407.  Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified.  PsychEdCourses™ is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

Due to variance among state licensure boards on factors such as total number of online/home study CEU's allowed per renewal period, PsychEdCourses™ cannot guarantee acceptance of CE courses by a specific certification/licensure board.  If in doubt, always check with your state licensure board concerning its current policies for CE approval.   Your state board policies may have been updated since your last renewal period.  Select your state below to go to your state mental health counselor licensure board's website for the most current available information.
It is the responsibility of the licensee to confirm acceptance of courses by his/her licensure board prior to exam registration.   Absolutely no refunds are given after a registered exam has been accessed.
Please select your licensure board for more information: